Anthropic principle

Formal Argument


P1. There is some kind of special significance to human life or the human frame of reference

P2. From the human frame of reference we seem to observe a number of properties that are necessary for human life to be sustained

P3. It is far too improbable for all the necessary properties to occur by chance


C1. The universe was specifically made this way

C2. God exists

Astronomer and Minister Hugh Ross counts more than 100 constants, at a probability of about 1 chance in 10138 against their lining up as they have in our universe. The probability that each of these constants has lined up in a "life friendly" way, without the intervention of an outside intelligence, is astronomically small. With such a low probability of a "life friendly" universe, the only reasonable explanation for our existence is that God has "fine tuned" these attributes specifically to accommodate human life.

Properties that seem to be fine tuned:

  • All physics constants
  • Goldilocks zone
  • Oxygen level
  • Strength of gravity in Earth

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Last updated on 11/12/2020


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