Natural-law argument

Formal Argument


P1. There are natural laws which govern the universe

P2. All laws have a law giver


C1. Natural laws have a law giver

C2. That law giver is God

C3. God exists

Natural laws do not exist as matter or energy, but more like ideas, mathematical concepts and numbers. They describe the way the objects in the universe behave. In a way natural laws cannot be incorrect, i.e. objects behave as they behave, we just have wrong ideas about their behavior. For example Newton laws break down when objects reach near light speed levels. But it would incorrect to say that the laws guiding the objects are incorrect - objects always behaved the way they behave in those conditions. It was our understanding of those laws that was incorrect.

It's not known why the universe has laws that it has. Science has explanations how the laws are working, but ultimately not why they are working. So even if God concept is added into the mix, then it doesn't get any clearer why the laws are as they are.

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Fallacies and problems with argumentation
  • Equivocation

    "Natural law" in P1 means a scientific law of physics, and "law" in P2 means a customary law made by man. The natures of those two concepts are different.

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