Hyperloop as a new mode of transportation

  • 1. proposed new mode of passenger and freight transport

Hyperloop is proposed new transportation mode as envisioned by Elon Musk in 2012.

Original design document can be accessed here 1. More information about Hyperloop can be found in this Wikipedia article 2.

  1. "Original Hyperloop Alpha document". Tesla.com. Retrieved on 7/11/2021.

  2. Wikipedia article Hyperloop. Retrieved on 7/12/2021.

Hyperloop is radically different from other modes of transportation because of its dependence on vacuum tubes. This is still unproven technology, so theoretical reasoning and practical experiments can help us determine if will be practical or maybe difficult and dangerous technology.

Hyperloop specifics are presented here:

Hyperloop cost comparison to HSR is presented here:

Hyperloop problems are listed here:

The question is raised here:

Last updated on 7/16/2021


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