About Ideaverse

Ideaverse.net presents a novel way to structure and display information regarding various objective and subjective questions. The website uses structured epistemological knowledge system.

Main components of Ideaverse.net:

  • Proposition - a statement about a certain fact or opinion.
  • Argument - a relation between Propositions based on logic.
  • Question - an inquiry about certain fact or opinion.
  • Answer - a solution to a particular Question that usually links a Proposition and Arguments.
  • Term - a word or phrase used to express a concept in a Proposition.

Ideaverse.net encourages:

  • Extensive analysis of questions and problems.
  • Unbiased argumentation from multiple (non-binary) points of views.
  • Extensive references to external sources and bibliography.
  • Disambiguation of terms and propositions to achieve maximum clarity in the process.
  • Open and free sharing of information.

Ideaverse.net contact info can be found in Contacts page.