Answer is a solution to a problem or question

Answer provides a solution to a problem or Question. Answer can have a Proposition linked to it, which explains the Answer fully. For example Answer can be a simple Yes or No statement, but can have fully worded statement and context linked in a Proposition.

One or more Answers in a Question can be marked as an accepted Answer.

Examples of Answers:

  • Yes
  • No
  • 42
  • Andy did it

Definition of Answers

Answers are created differently from other entities in such a way that they are being created from relevant Questions. Answers cannot exist independently from Questions. In order to create an answer go to any Question and find a button called "Add your answer".

Answers have following properties:

  • Text - The wording of the Answer itself.
  • Terms - The Answer text is divided into words and/or phrases where each such division token is treated as a Term. If a Term needs to be highlighted by giving explicit meaning, then such Term needs to be linked to appropriate existing Term entity, and additionally a Term Instance if specific term variation is used.
  • Explanation - Full text explanation of the Answer. Extra details or information that did not fit into other structured properties can be added. Explanation supports Markdown syntax and can include other Entities.
  • References - One or more reference to outside literature where further information can be found.
  • Proposition - Optionally linked Proposition that expands on the Answer in more detail.

It is recommended to have minimal information in Answers themselves and put all information into a linked Proposition.

Answers can't be accessed directly, but are part of underlying Question.

Example Answer in a Question can be inspected here:

Usage of Answers

Answers provide different solutions to Questions. They are always associated to Questions and cannot stand on their own.

Last updated on 7/12/2021


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