Term is a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to express a concept

Every word or phrase in a language can be understood as a term (generic usage). For this reason they are treated as Terms (specific usage case) in Ideaverse.

Examples of terms:

  • exist
  • is
  • economy
  • public education
  • free will
  • I

Terms have two main aspects - definition and usage.

Definition of Terms

Terms are defined explicitly by creating an instance of entity Term and filling in appropriate properties. Link to create Terms can be found here - Create a Term.

Terms have following properties:

  • Text - the wording of the term itself. Usually this is the main language form of the term.
  • Language forms - depending on a language the same term can be used in many different forms. For example a noun can have a singular and a plural forms - economy and economies. A verb can have following forms - exist, exists, existed, existing. Definition of Language forms for the Term is optional.
  • Instances - each term can have different meanings depending on the context, every such difference in meaning is called Instance.
  • Explanation - Full text explanation of the term. Extra details or information that did not fit into other structured properties can be added. Explanation supports Markdown syntax and can include other Entities.
  • References - One or more reference to outside literature where further information can be found.
  • Tags - One or more tags used to provide simple linking of Entities into simple ad hoc contexts.
  • Url - sanitized name of the term to be used in technical linking of the Term.

Example Term can be inspected here:

  • 1. have objective reality or being
  • 2. be found, especially in a particular place or situation
  • 3. live, especially under adverse conditions

Terms can be embedded into any full text explanation field by using following syntax:

#term([Url or text of the term])

Usage of Terms

Terms are used in Propositions by explicitly linking a word or a phrase with a Term and optionally Term Instance.

Relationships with other Entities

One or more Terms constitute a Proposition. This is equivalent to one or more word constituting a statement.

Last updated on 7/11/2021


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